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The electrical box you need to meet.

Our team of engineers and material scientists focused on a solution for the most repetitive task an electrician performs—terminating switches and receptacles. It’s tedious mind-numbing work that hasn’t changed since the 1960’s.

So we engineered a better way.

E-Lids’ patented performance series electrical boxes harness the efficiencies of prefabrication of any scale project. Our boxes are pre-wired to eliminate the need to terminate each device. Highly trained technicians assemble the prefabricated devices in quality-controlled facilities to ensure proper connectivity. The completed assembly and each device component will be certified to meet or exceed applicable International Electrical Code standards.

E-Lids also supplies its electrical boxes in blank form, allowing the electrical contractor to assemble devices on its own. Our initial product line is intended for interior new work, wood framing construction environments.

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